Still going strong in 2015!

Been a while since I updated the blog here. Still doing Film festivals and Conventions, as well as some theater showings, including the Horror On Sea festival in London – It was a crowd favorite! Antwoine Steele and I went to Ohio in April for the always excellent Cinema Wasteland convention and it was a massive success!!! People loved the film, but more than that, it also helped us connect with more people who wanna show the movie! It screened a week or two later in Canada at Shock Stock as well. We have a small chain of Drive Ins preparing to screen it as well as a few more Conventions. It has been in over 30 film festivals and was just accepted to be involved in the “Dead In Decatur” Film Festival…

Our growing list of Film Festivals!!!

Our growing list of Film Festivals!!!

We are preparing to screen the film at Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL on May 16th as well. We have been very lucky and blessed by the amazing response this film has gotten and the great reviews out there. Of course, we have also been planning for the upcoming DVD and BluRay release of the film… the documentary is finished for the special features, the artwork is coming along nicely and there will be two versions of the actual film, the full uncut version and the Theatrical (Festival) cut of the film. We recorded the commentary track for the Theatrical version already… with Nicole Santorella, Antwoine Steele, Bryan David, Amanda Payton, Johnnie Reed and myself (Todd Sheets). It was a good time for sure.

It is so nice to have so many people enjoy the film on behalf of the cast and crew, we thank every single person who has watched, supported, promoted and fallen in love with House of Forbidden Secrets!!!!


We hope to have the film out on these formats by mid-Summer 2015. After the next screening, I’ll be back to give another update…


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