Still Haunting America – the Theatrical Tour and more Festivals!

Been ages since I was able to sit down and write on the blog.  Since last I wrote, House of Forbidden Secrets has been playing all over the US in Theaters as well as Film Festivals.  So many awesome festivals!  19 to be exact!

house has been playing all over!

We will be having our British premiere at the Horror On Sea Film Festival 23rd JANUARY TO 1st FEBRUARY 2015, In October and November, we just finished the Omaha premiere at the awesome SCREAM IN THE DARK Festival and we invaded Phoenix at the Fearcon!  September was insane as we screened in Los Angeles, CA and the Scare-A-Con Film Fest in Syracuse, New York!  In August we were part of the Crypticon Film Festival as well as the Bloody North Canadian Film Festival.  We have had such an amazing time… reviews are flowing in about the film as well!  Check em out here – – So much awesome has been going on for the film – getting closer to the DVD/BluRay and VHS releases as well.  And don’t forget that the film plays next in IOWA CITY on DEC 3 – Please join our Facebook page for faster updates



One of the things I learned was to watch audiences close… it helps to relate to what works on screen and what doesn’t.  I am happy to say that with HOUSE, 93% of what was there worked just as I hoped, but there were some spots that I, as  Writer/Director/Producer felt were off a bit – maybe it was flow or timing, maybe it was just the vibe of a scene and what I had intended… so after a few screenings, I went in and made a “Theatrical Version” of the film.  That is the one I feel is strongest for a live screening -I will also keep the full version as well, for use on the DVD / BluRay as an extra WITH the Theatrical cut.  The VHS will just be the Theatrical version.  There is also that wonderful Documentary that Andrew shot and that will be on the DVD/BluRay as well – I am honored by it… he decided to do the documentary as basically my return to film after the long break and the heart attack and such… it was humbling and amazing to watch all that footage.  I never promote myself really and I feel funny about it and I felt a bit embarrassed too. I just didn’t want it to seem like some Vanity project thing – it was all dictated by Andrew, so I thank him. But I have been told by the few people I have shown it to that it is a good documentary and that they like what it is about and that there is no shame or harm in allowing him to tell my story.  SO I guess I will embrace it a bit more, and not feel self-conscious….

OK, gonna go for now – I’ll get back here sooner, I promise.



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