4 weeks down… and its a dream come true

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In addition to the privilege of working with the cast and crew on House of Forbidden Secrets, we have some special guest stars scheduled to be a part of the film… and this past weekend, we had two great actors on set.  Both are genre icons.  One is George Hardy, star of the cult classic Troll 2 and the really incredible documentary Best Worst Movie.  George is just a great person.  his generosity is only matched by his positive energy.  The other actor we had on set is Allan Kayser, a huge fan favorite from the cult classic Night of The Creeps.  Allan had played the part of Brad (The Bradster) in the film before going on to more acting gigs including a major part as Bubba on the much loved TV series Mama’s Family.  We were lucky enough to get both in the SAME scene!  It was such a rush and an honor to direct two icons that I have looked up to and admired for so many years!  The scenes went by without a hitch, and aside from one crazy situation where a fuse blew out at Macabre Cinema, things were fast and organized and so much fun.  It was a night of positive energy, a family atmosphere and true friendships being forged.  Thanks again to everyone for making the weekend so special for George and Allan and for always taking good care of your director!  Couldn’t ask for a better time!

Todd Sheets


The cast and crew with George Hardy and Allan Kayser on the set of House of Forbidden Secrets

The cast and crew with George Hardy on the set of House of Forbidden Secrets

Best film project I have ever worked on !

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Hello , My name is Wayne Whisenant , Assistant Director here at House of Forbidden Secrets . Just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how excited and happy I am to be a part of this amazing project . We are a few weeks into production now and it just keeps getting better and better . Everyone on our cast and crew is amazing to work with and has pulled together not just as a team but as a family . We truly hope the fans of this film will appreciate all the hard work and dedication we have put into this project so that they will have something to enjoy for a long long time …….. Check back soon ghosts and ghouls !!!!!

Amazing weekend

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Had a amazing weekened with castmates Antwoine Steele, Brad Westmar, Nicole Santorella, Paxton, Director Todd Sheets, George Hardy from Troll 2 and Allan Kayser from Night of The Creeps on the set of House of Forbidden Secrets.

We laughed, we cried… and it was good. Weekend 3 is history!

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Had an amazing time this weekend. It was our longest shooting time so far, no sleep at all – tons of blocking and effects, huge dialogue scenes, massive areas to light – and I loved it all! In 3 days I got around 7 hours of sleep. The cast and crew were simply incredible. At one point the actors and I had a meeting so I could explain the evening and how long it was taking. We played a song and did some Zen / Chi work for about 5 minutes. The actors all told me that they wanted me to take my time, that they understood and they would be there no matter what. They trusted my vision, and they wanted to make sure I was able to get what I wanted for the film. Even if it took till Noon the next day, they were there for me. That felt great.

This weekend was also incredibly hard for the actors due to the amount of emotion they had to portray.  Everyone stepped up to the challenge and did such a wonderful job.  Nicole really got lost in her character of Cassie, pushing herself to the edge on many occasions, to the point where I was actually a bit worried about her.  I asked her about it and she said she was doing OK… but she and many others in the cast had to visit some dark places and to see their dedication made me proud and warmed my heart.  Thanks to the cast for taking my words into their hearts and giving them life and passion!!!

Saturday night was a rough one, but I can honestly say we did the best we could to move as fast as possible. Some things are out of our control, but in every way that I could control, we made sure things were rolling ahead. We had two major characters that did gore scenes and there was a ton of Special Makeup Effects work to do. The effects crew did a great job!!! One of the most disturbing things I have even shot.

All in all, a major amount of scenes are in the can, looking great and sounding even better!!!! This is going to be an amazing film.

Todd Sheets

Director / Producer

My House Of Forbidden Secrets Cast Mates

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Hello, all. Brad Westmar here. Words cannot express how special it is to be a part of this fantastic movie. It has been more than 15 years since I last acted…and I had completely forgotten how much fun it is to be a part of a cast and crew that gets along as well as this. By the end of our first night of filming, we were already becoming extremely comfortable with each other. On night number two we all fed off the energy from the night before. We were drained by the end of the weekend, but already looking forward to getting back together after the holidays.

To help bring the viewers and readers up to speed, I thought I’d take this time to tell you a few tidbits I’ve learned about my beautiful (have you seen the pictures?) fellow cast members.

Antwoine can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and balance a coffee in his hand at the same time. He’s also notorious for making us laugh our asses off when he bungles his lines. Usually it’s because he’s sleepwalking on set.

Nicole pays attention to details and is a good listener. How do I know this? She remembered my boring reason as to why I say the word “sorry” as “sore-ee”. She also wanted to be “real friends” with me early on, so that’s kinda special. Finally, she has a kitty on her foot and she wants to touch it.

Paxton wears the most awesome Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley-like boots in this film. The face she makes when holding back laughter during filming is contagious and impossible for me to ignore.

Bryan is always thinking of new ways to deliver lines or implement something special into a scene. His script is chalk-full of notes. He’s got a ton of energy and is also a big fan of Chicken McNuggets.

Millie loves her coffee! She’s the most active cast member on Twitter (besides me) and, also like me, is a huge fan of the movie “Tombstone”. So much so that we recite lines from it to each other between takes on the set of HOFS.

Iris is full of all-natural reaction in her role as Dorothy Fremont. This is for a variety of reasons. We’ll let the outtakes and the movie itself do the talking.

More thoughts down the road, folk!

My Favorite Scenes

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Hello all, I am Amanda, Assistant Producer on this crazy film. So far the experience has been more than great. In the few weeks we have been filming we have created a small family. We have grown to know each and it is really amazing. I hope all productions are like this one.

My favorite scene so far is the Dorothy Fremont parking lot scene. It was a bit of a trick on our parts. Poor Dorothy! I took her back to a room behind closed doors to work on her lines with her. In reality, we did not talk about her lines, she already knew then, we instead talked about life. Growing up and what it was like. We had a great conversation, like always. We must have sat int here for about an hour while the crew got the scene together. It was a bitter cold night and that always makes things a bit slow. Lighting a car is probably not the easiest thing, so add that with the frigid conditions! We heard a knock on the door, it was time. We were stopped halfway to set by director extraordinaire, Todd Sheets. He explained to her, “You’re going to get in and turn on the vehicle, then reach for your phone… bla bla bla… (I will not bore you with the whole thing!) Then reach for the radio and turn it on” So Dorothy had the scene down, her lines perfect, she was ready to rock n roll! Filming began.. first take..  The grips, gaffers, and assistants all watched on. Dorothy executed her lines perfectly. Suddenly without any notice, the ghost from behind the seat attacked poor little Dorothy.  She screamed in horror and kicked that poor guys butt! We totally scared her.  See, the thing is, he wasn’t supposed to pop out for at least 2 more minutes and she didn’t even know how the ghost looked!  We did not let her see him.  Her face, her actions, her words, they were so… outrageous!  The poor woman didn’t know what to do with herself!  She even got out of the vehicle and then got back in still cursing everyone on set! That by far was my favorite scene. I laughed so hard I was crying. We will need to make it up to her sometime soon for being such a good sport.

I hope everyone who watches the film will enjoy that scare as much as I did. Thank you all so far for the support and have a great rest of the day!

Haunting the halls of Shadowview Manor – week 2

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Second weekend of shooting is done and it was even better than the first. We have done some pretty amazing stuff so far. 17 scenes have been completed!!! Much of the very hard dialogue was during these scenes, and the cast pulled it off without a hitch!!! The dedication of the cast and crew truly made this task easier. Thanks to everyone for pulling together and becoming a family so quickly! We are creating something really special and it just keeps getting better every time we shoot as people learn more about each other.

One thing we did for sure on weekend 2 was we truly worked overtime on the atmosphere. The lighting, use of fog and shadows was impressive. We also have truly mastered not only the use of our steadicam, but our dollies. Wayne and I built another dolly this week in between shooting days and it truly is an awesome way to do shots. It will also be great when we move filming to the BEAST haunted house here in Kansas City next weekend. We can be setting up a dolly shot on another set WHILE using our first dolly for shooting. Sure does make things move faster when you get everyone on the same page and have enough gear to make it work.

The footage looks even better than before and I can;t wait to start editing the whole movie. I edited scene 3 together last week, just to see how it flows, and it sure seems to work almost perfectly. This one will really blow some people away. I promise.

Until next time, keep it bloody!

Todd Sheets

First Weekend of Shooting

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Just finished our first weekend of shooting before we take a break for the Christmas holidays. Things went even better than I thought, we had an amazing time and the cast proved to be just as incredible as I expected them to be!

The main Cast of House of Forbidden Secrets

The main Cast of House of Forbidden Secrets

We had several key dialogue scenes to do and some minor stunts and action sequences. Things went very smooth. Highlights were the Seance scene where Iris, playing the role of Dorothy Fremont, was actually so scared at Nicole’s amazing performance that she tried to run away! Great job everyone! Cannot wait to be back on the set with all of you on January 4th, in the new year of 2013!  The new dolly we made from scratch worked great as did our steadicam system created by Assistant Director Wayne Whisenant.  Footage came out stellar!

Final Auditions at the Screenland Theater

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Had an amazing time with the crew at the Screenland Theater! We were treated very well. Had an outstanding turnout. Massive talent on display, a room full of positive people. Very happy with how it worked out. Thank you so much to all involved – we have found our full cast and will begin calling people on Monday or Tuesday.  Actual production begins DEC 21st!!!!

Todd Sheets


Auditions, Meetings and Readings – Oh My!!!

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Had a great crew meeting on WED night, the 5th of December. Things are feeling smooth and positive. Really got some good ideas flowing. We also had our first auditions on Saturday the 8th. Had some great people show up, but we still did not hit all the parts. Usually you just know when someone clicks with a character you’ve created. They walk in and you feel it. I had one girl come in who just felt perfect for the part of Tamara in the film. She nailed it. I knew the minute I saw her that it was a great fit…. and although we found some people to fill some minor roles and to be creatures… we still have a couple of major parts that need filled. So we’re doing auditions again on Saturday December 15th at 1:00 PM CST. They’re going to be held in North Kansas City, MO at the Screenland Armour movie theater. I have contacted every darn newspaper in the city with hopes of getting the word out. This film is the first time I can actually say it is Character driven, so it is very important for me to get the right people. IT has the scares, the gore, the atmosphere – but it also has a good story and some seriously well drawn characters. I don’t want to accept anything but the exact RIGHT people for the parts. Wish us luck!

Todd Sheets