House of Friendships

In the middle of chaos there grew a seed. Contained in that seed would be the makings of lifelong connections and life changing events. All it took was action and perseverance to plant that seed and watch it blossom. In just the span of 60 days, the seed grew and turned into a great strong force. The roots were nourished by the tears we cried, the laughter we shared, and the hard work we all put in. Sacrifice, trials, and good times built the mighty force. We all learned about each other and we all learned about ourselves. What it takes to complete the tasks at hand. How much we can take. Who can handle what and most importantly we all learned when to let go of negativity and self for the greater good of all. Was this a movie set? Yes, but it was also so much more for many of us. For some it changed lives. For some it made us realize what was important in life. For some it was just a family to go to to help forget what is going on outside the world of House of Forbidden Secrets. For a short time, we were all we had. We slept, breathed, and lived House of Forbidden Secrets. It is my hope that everyone’s lives were enriched by this experience. It is my hope that at the end of the day, when all is done and we all move on to our once again separate lives we will all keep in touch. This has not just been a movie set. I have sat back and observed, this has become a proving grounds for many. A very positive one. We all built the force up and now all that is left is to climb it to reach for the stars. I would say I will miss each of the cast and crew members, but I will not. I will instead opt in to keep in contact with everyone. You are all my personal friends now. Thank you for making this time magical even in the face of some adversity. You all did such a wonderful job! As we wind down to the last couple of shoots, I will remember the laughs and good times.


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