4 weeks down… and its a dream come true

In addition to the privilege of working with the cast and crew on House of Forbidden Secrets, we have some special guest stars scheduled to be a part of the film… and this past weekend, we had two great actors on set.  Both are genre icons.  One is George Hardy, star of the cult classic Troll 2 and the really incredible documentary Best Worst Movie.  George is just a great person.  his generosity is only matched by his positive energy.  The other actor we had on set is Allan Kayser, a huge fan favorite from the cult classic Night of The Creeps.  Allan had played the part of Brad (The Bradster) in the film before going on to more acting gigs including a major part as Bubba on the much loved TV series Mama’s Family.  We were lucky enough to get both in the SAME scene!  It was such a rush and an honor to direct two icons that I have looked up to and admired for so many years!  The scenes went by without a hitch, and aside from one crazy situation where a fuse blew out at Macabre Cinema, things were fast and organized and so much fun.  It was a night of positive energy, a family atmosphere and true friendships being forged.  Thanks again to everyone for making the weekend so special for George and Allan and for always taking good care of your director!  Couldn’t ask for a better time!

Todd Sheets


The cast and crew with George Hardy and Allan Kayser on the set of House of Forbidden Secrets

The cast and crew with George Hardy on the set of House of Forbidden Secrets

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